Homework #7: Revised Lineup

I really enjoy the direction I was heading with my last designs, so I played off of those to create a few new ones to mix in. I added in some sparkle with the embroidery and beading, and continued playing with fun, layered silhouettes. I have worked my fish motif into various prints and embellishments, and have played with scale for both of these. I really love the fun vibe this collection gives off, and the visual interest with the different textures and colors. I have started to mix in a few accessories, but plan to develop more as I get my final presentation ready. I had a bracelet with a fish on it as a kid that I’d love to create an updated take on. I’ve also been really into detailed vintage handbags, so I want to take inspiration from those and make some out-of-the-box purses. I look forward to bringing all these different elements into one exciting presentation.

Storm Dolfi4 Comments