Project Two Post 1

For this project, I will be designing a plus-sized collection for Gucci. I will be taking inspiration from what Gucci is doing now, and redesigning their signature elements into flattering looks for women of a fuller figure. I will be continuing to focus on embellishment, print, mixing textiles, and accessories along with a small capsule collection. This will be a holiday collection that stays in the same designer price point the brand has pre-established.

As far as conceptual inspiration for this collection, I was inspired while eating an orange. We often associate all citrus with the summer months, but the orange is in fact a winter fruit. The orange is associated with several various royal families throughout history, but I am particularly fascinated with King Louis XIV and his infatuation with the fruit. He was so taken by the orange groves of other countries that he demanded to have one at his Palace of Versailles. Much like the palace itself, the orange grove, or orangerie, is lush, over-the-top, and decadent. Using the imagery from the actual orange, its blossom and its tree, along with filigree elements and metallic hues inspired by Versailles, I intend to create a luxurious collection with exuberant details worthy of the King himself.

I created an embroidery sample of an orange branch that utilizes the fruit motif along with the color palette of the collection: orange, various golds and bronzes, and rich deep greens.

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