Project 2 Post 2

My design process so far has included some sketching, fabric exploration, and brand research. I am experimenting with different fabric texture and colors, as fabrics are one of my favorite parts of any collection. I currently am planning to design my own metallic brocade, and want to work my embellishments into repeats. I am also designing accessories for this collection, so this will become a capsule collection with fewer looks, but will be styled head to toe with corresponding accessories. I also had the opportunity to spend time in the Gucci store in SoHo this week, and looked closely at their current collection, as well as talked to several employees. I am also looking into ways to make fabric metallic, such as coatings and other surface techniques. I am really happy with the color palette I am working with, and feel it flows well and also fits the holiday season this collection is for.

Storm Dolfi2 Comments