Project 2 Post 3

Since this collection will be a capsule collection to go along with all the accessories I’ve designed, I’m trying to keep it around 8 looks. I have trouble editing down, especially when I have so many ideas. I have a lot of embellishment that will be on these looks that is not accurately represented with a quick sketch, but I am very excited to show in my final illustrations. I also wanted to stick with my inspiration and use textiles that correspond. I would like to use a textile called Orange Fiber that is made out of citrus waste and can be woven into a beautiful satin material. I also really want to include orange peel ‘leather’ where the rhine is tanned much like an animal skin. Unfortunately, I do not have physical swatches of these textiles. I used a pleather I had on-hand to do a weaving sample that I think will really give additional texture to the looks that utilize the orange leather. Since texture will be such an important part of this collection, I want everything to have an unexpected added element to really catch the eye and add visual interest. I am very excited to see how all the final fabrics, embellishments, accessories, and styling come together in my final illustrations. I have also started to sample a few possibilities for some of my more complicated accessories.

Storm Dolfi2 Comments