Homework 5: Design Process

I really wanted this collection to represent my eccentricity and love of bright colors. I wanted to include a multitude of surface design into it as well, as that is something I have been more interested in as of late.

I was originally inspired by how different chemical reactions make different colors. I then fell upon a beautiful bioluminescent fish that I couldn’t get out of my mind. This effect is caused by a biochemical reaction within the different organisms, allowing them to create their own colorful light in the dark and at the bottom of the sea. The colors that bioluminescent creates emit almost seem too bright and unnatural, but are in fact an entirely natural process. The idea of creating one’s own light really resonated with me, so with this collection I aim to give the consumer confidence by allowing them to be their own light. This collection will allow women of an inclusive size range to put themselves out there, kick up the confidence, and really shine.

I really want to push my designs further than I have before. I love creating wearable clothing that works for the everyday person. This time, I wanted to create clothing that goes beyond the everyday, that makes every day one wears it an occasion in itself.

Storm Dolfi4 Comments